Rhonda and ShaRhonda Massengale – African American Hair Braiding

African American hair braiding has a deep cultural, ethnic, and social history. In many societies hair braiding reflected social status, marital status or even tribal affiliation. Hair braiding the US reflects history and creativity with variations in styles geographically or based upon the stylists own values. Divine Faith Studio and Divine Hair Goods will demonstrate techniques for corn rows, extensions, and other forms of African American Hair Braiding styles. Additionally, custom products for maintenance and care will also be available.

Rhonda Massengale has been a stylist for over 25 years. She started DHG because of her passion for doing hair – she’s been doing it since grade school. Rhonda is a natural problem solver and very intentional about passing the benefits and value of what she knows to her clients and fellow styling professionals.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Appearance
Folk Arts Area, N. Church Ave.

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