Jami Ober Gan – Fused Glassworks

Fuse and slump glasswork allows me to design artwork, vessels and other various creations with glass, which I first fuse in a kiln after assembling the piece. The second firing is done once the fused glass is placed into a mold, which makes the glass slump into it, taking it’s shape. Different looks can be gotten with different glasses and firing schedules.

After retiring from Deaf Education and raising three amazing children, I began playing with glass as a hobby. After a few lessons, this new hobby soon became a mental health vehicle. Being creative and letting go, it turns out, is quite therapeutic. Fusing and slumping glass allows you to manipulate and fire the glass in a variety of ways to get a variety of affects. You get to decide how soft the edges will be, how textured the surface is, the hues and tones, the type of glass to use or make…. There are so many possibilities.


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Appearance
Folk Arts Area, N. Church Ave.

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