Dukes Car Club

Over 25 years at the festival, the Dukes Car Club’s annual Low y Shine Car Show returns this year, featuring approximately 60 modified cars, from classic 1940s Chevrolets to Impalas, DeSotos, and Cadillacs. Come peruse the cars and learn about the folk art practices that make these cars bounce and shine. A downtown lowrider cruise will honor Tucson Meet Yourself’s 50th year on the evening of Friday, October 13.

Later in the season (Nov. 18) experience a special “Pachuco Night” event at FOX Theater commemorating Tucson and the Southwest’s low-rider culture, featuring Zootsuiter fashion, films, conversation, poetry, and the iconic musical legacy of lowrider sounds.

For more on lowrider cars & culture, see:
Low and Slow: Dukes Car Club Preserves Lowrider Culture.” BorderLore, April 2017
Motorized: Cruising Culture.” BorderLore. April 2014.

Photo by Steven Meckler


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Appearance
Intersection of Pennington Ave. & Church St.

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