Bonyang Michaels- Lao Weaving

Bonyang Michaels is a weaver from Laos. She has shared her work at Tucson Meet Yourself since 1980, for 36 years. Bonyang first learned to weave when she was 13 years old from her mother, and after 3-4 years she learned how to create her own designs. In her country, Laos, she lived in a small town where there were no stores. They had to make their own food and clothes. Her mother would train the kids how to make material for dresses, blankets, clothing, and they had to make it themselves. That’s how she learned her artform. There were cotton farmers and she would go pick the flowers. It was hard work, she would make dyes from plants and flowers — red, green, dark blue.

Photo by Steven Meckler


Cultural Communities / Countries of Origins

Festival Appearance
Folk Arts Area, N. Church Ave.

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