Kit: Finding Joy

Kit. Photo by Steven Meckler

I feel like I belong wherever there’s festival, where everybody is giving themselves a chance to be happy. I go there to dance and instigate riots of joy. My dance is freestyle, whatever the music makes me feel. At Tucson Meet Yourself, I go from one stage to another all day long for three days. I’ve been doing it for years. I go to the Bisbee Blues Festival, the Silver City Blues Festival. I’ve been to the Chicago Blues Festival. I go to the festivals here in town. I dance to every kind of music. It keeps me happy. I’m proud of waking up everyday and choosing to be joyful. We have choices and what we think about what we act upon is what we get. So what we’re looking for, I think, shows up. I look for joy and I find it everywhere.


2 thoughts on “Kit: Finding Joy”

  1. Aging in this society is not necessarily welcomed nor revered. Many have fears of aging and what that entails, including relegating elders to the background.

    However, joy does not have an expiration date nor is it limited to the young, and Kit personifies joy.

    One of the absolute pure highlights of Tucson Meet Yourself, along with the music and food, is reveling in Kit’s dancing. The first year we attended, I was taken by his positive energy and non-stop dancing, silver strands flapping in the wind, and his infectious bounce and spontaneous kicks. This will be our first time missing Tucson Meet Yourself since we moved here in 2015, but seeing Kit’s photo as one of the Faces of the Festival brought a huge smile to my face.

    Thank you.

  2. Kit inspires us, my wife and me, to find enjoyment in our surroundings, especially when accompanied by people feeling and acting along with the music which envelopes us at events such as the Tucson Meet Yourself Festival. Kit appreciates the variety in music, and in those dancing alongside of him when they also share in the thrill of movement of body and soul.

    It is always a pleasure to see Kit at these musical events, and at local businesses that support music. He always brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart, as well as a quickening in my steps.


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