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Folk Arts Marketplace


A pilot online marketplace featuring the work of 8 TMY traditional artists opens to the public. Since 1974, folk artists have demonstrated their work at TMY. From basket weavers to calligraphers, pyzancky egg makers to paper cutters, these artists turn ordinary materials into meaningful utilitarian or decorative art. This year, select folk artists offer works ... Read more

Traditions Thursdays: The Living Traditions of Taiko & Capoeira  


Karen Falkenstrom (Kathleen Dreier Photo) & Anne Pollack (Steven Meckler Photo) Karen Falkenstrom of Odaiko Sonora and Anne Pollack of Capoeira Mandinga share roles, responsibilities, and ethics of teaching and transmitting traditional practices. Deeply engaged in the practice and teaching of their respective forms, both artists will speak about their personal journeys acquiring and transmitting ... Read more

Virtual Performance: Odaiko Sonora


Photo by Steven Meckler Odaiko Sonora is Tucson’s Japanese taiko ensemble drumming group. “Taiko” is the word for drum in Japanese, and the ensemble is known for its high-energy performances. Formed in 2002, the group has been a TMY favorite for 18 years, bringing drumming, song, and folk dance in the taiko tradition to the ... Read more

Culture Kitchen Fridays: Desert Foods of Tohono O’odham


A glimpse into just a few of the traditional foods in the Tucson basin, as Tanisha Tucker, Traci Faith Hamilton, and Maria Francisco discuss the harvest and/or preparation of three Tohono O'odham foods, tepary beans, ciolim (cholla buds), and yeast Bread. The family continues a tradition of saguaro fruit harvest and syrup production and also ... Read more

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