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Folk Arts Marketplace


A pilot online marketplace featuring the work of 8 TMY traditional artists opens to the public. Since 1974, folk artists have demonstrated their work at TMY. From basket weavers to calligraphers, pyzancky egg makers to paper cutters, these artists turn ordinary materials into meaningful utilitarian or decorative art. This year, select folk artists offer works ... Read more

Tradition Tuesdays: Clay Stories, Haha’atadkam


Placita (Dolores) Ignacio, Tohono O'odham potter Haha'atadkam means "one who makes pottery" in the O'odham language. This artform for both ornamental and utilitarian purposes is a lesser known form of the Tohono O'odham people, who are often celebrated for their basketweaking. In this conversation and demonstration, learn about the history and practice of Tohono O'odham ... Read more

Virtual Performance: Tucson Sino Taiji


Photo by Steven Meckler Tucson Sino Taiji was founded in 2007 and now has 20 regular members. The group’s goal is to improve the health of our members and to promote the awareness of Taiji in Tucson community. They have participated and performed in many cultural events both in Tucson and Phoenix, such as Tucson ... Read more

Foodways Wednesdays: Verdolagas at Las Milpitas Farm


Verdolagas at Las Milpitas Farm Hosted by Tucson City of Gastronomy Food Justice Committee, this event highlights the work happening on Community Food Bank's Las Milpitas de Cottonwood Community Farm, a six-acre community farm just southwest of downtown Tucson. Las Milpitas serves 120 families and is operated by the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona ... Read more

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