Etty: Student Becomes Teacher

Etty. Faces of the Festival 2019. Steven Meckler photo

I have loved Tucson since the first day that I got here from Peru in 2002. I’m married to an American guy. In the beginning I felt like I was in a different world, a cultural shock. It was very challenging for me. I traveled back to Peru several times to make sure I wanted to stay in Tucson. Peru felt different, too, so that’s when I understood that my place was here in Tucson. I decided to start taking more English classes at Pima where I learned so much and met so many people like me. I wanted to work with the community, so I decided to volunteer at Emerge!, the center for domestic abuse, as an advocate, and later I was hired as a community educator at SACASA. I volunteered with AmeriCorps which connected with one of my passions, education. I am now an instructor with Pima Community College Adult Education, teaching English to Latinos and also teaching reading and writing to help students get their GEDs. I am proud to do something for my community here, especially for the immigrants. I want to help others the way that so many people helped me get through the difficult times.


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  1. soo proud to know Etty for a long time ….she is a wonderful person that is always committed to what she does. can be her job her volunteer work, friends, family or her community. she is the tipe of person that will walk the extra mile to make sure thing are done… and done right.
    she is an extraordinary example that you can do wherever you want when you are consistent and committed to your dreams.
    congratulations Etty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Muchos exitos mas para ti.

  2. Gracias, querida amiga Isa. Thank You for your kind words! Grazia mile! El cariπo es mutuo. Saludos a tu hermosa familia! Blessings to your beautiful family! Bendiciones, Etty 😘


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