Dina: Still Here

Dina. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I’m from Saudi Arabia. I came to Tucson to study. I have been here for three years. I feel like I found myself at Tucson Meet Yourself. It’s something that makes me see other cultures, makes me know other people and maybe change my mind about them, and also respect their beliefs as well. When I came here, I faced a lot of racism because I wear a hijab. People would ask me if I was riding a camel. But we are the same as here–we have cars and everything! But that didn’t push me down or change my mind or make me go back to my country. I’m still here, I’m still studying. I’m a girl and I came from a country that people think that girls that can’t do anything. I’m here to let people know more about my culture and change the way some people think about Arabs. I will do my best to make my family proud of me.


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