Daniel: Chevy “Bomb”

Daniel. Faces of the Festival 2019. Steven Meckler photo

I’m with the Dukes Car Club of Tucson. What I’m most proud of, other than my family, is my 1941 Chevrolet. It was 14 years of construction. My wife and I both built it together. We farmed out a few little things, but we did the majority of the work ourselves. I was persistent. Completing it was very time consuming and emotionally draining, and then rewarding. But we’re keeping the culture of the low rider or the low rider bomb alive. A bomb is a pre-’50s Chevrolet that was originally named by the sailors in San Diego, because the cars would backfire. They would say, ‘Stay away from it. It’s gonna blow up. It’s a bomb!’ The Hispanic community liked that, a ‘bomb,’ and it stuck.


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