The Just Intervals

We are a Rock/RnB band that plays songs from the last few decades as well as an ample list of originals. Our compositions are a collaborative effort and our aim is to write songs that have an artistic edge and are pleasing to the ear. All of our music is performed live.

Saguaro Stompers Clog Dance Company

The Saguaro Stompers have been dancing together since February 2011. Our first performance was at Tucson Meet Yourself that same year, and we’ve been enthusiastically kicking up our heels together ever since! We do contemporary American clog dancing, which is closely related to tap dance and Irish dance.

Traditions Thursdays: More than Jigs: Music and Dance in Celtic Traditions

In communities throughout North America and in the Celtic regions of Europe, Celtic music supports and enables social dances that serve to bring people together and maintain relationships. In this demonstration, Claire Zucker of Púca and the Wild Ones and a dancer will draw connections between the Celtic traditions they represent. Expect fiddling, dancing, and … Read more

J’s Kettle Corn

Kettle corn is popcorn seasoned with refined sugar, salt, and oil traditionally made in a cast iron kettle. Preparing kettle corn requires constant stirring to avoid burning. When made correctly, a sweet crust forms on the puffed corn. Kettle corn arrived to the United States in the 18th century, first referenced in diaries of Pennsylvania … Read more

Hawaiian Shave Ice

Hawaiian Shave Ice features tasty and refreshing flavored ice that is shaved from a block. It was originally a Japanese treat brought to Hawaii by sugarcane farmers and workers. We offer 26 flavors including 2 sugar-free. As a family business, we are busy teaching our grandkids how to shave ice authentically with the hope that … Read more

Saguaro Strutters

The Saguaro Strutters are a local line dance team more than 20 years old. Most of the team’s 10 dancers picked up line dancing by going to classes in Tucson. While the individual members and size of the group have changed over the years, they all enjoy dancing, performing, and promoting line dancing in the … Read more

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