Natalka Ukrainian Bakery

Ukrainian bakery and specialty goods making Ukrainian food like my grandmothers and great grandmothers use to hundreds of years ago. We love to give to Tucson community a taste of traditional Ukrainian dishes as well as connect with those people that have Ukrainian roots and ancestors.

Dr. Ihor Kunasz – Ukrainian Pysanka Eggs

Ihor Kunasz is a geologist and world-renowned expert in lithium. Of Ukrainian lineage, he moved to Tucson in 2000, and is the current president of the Ukrainian American Society of Tucson (UAST). Ihor learned the Ukrainian art tradition of pysanky, decorating eggs with intricate colors using a wax-resist technique, from his mother and has been … Read more

George and Alexandra Terleckyj – Ukrainian Icons & Embroidery

George and Alexandra Terleckyj honor their Ukrainian heritage through the decorative art of embroidery. Embroidery has long appeared in Ukrainian folk dress and also plays a part in weddings and other traditional celebrations. It is also used to decorate homes, churches, and clothing. 

Ukrainian American Society

The Ukrainian American Society brings a number of artists to share Ukrainian traditional crafts such as Pysanka eggs, religious icons, and more as well as information about the society. Artists include David Maciborski, Ukrianian Religious Icons, and others.

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