Mine and Mustafa Calik

Mine Calik practices the traditional Turkish art of Ebru, or paper marbling, in which color pigments are brushed onto a pan of oil-treated water, then transferred to paper and used for decoration in bookbinding. She learned Ebru from a tradition bearer in Bursa after immigrating to the United States. Her husband, Mustafa, is apprenticing with … Read more

Fadi Iskandar

Fadi Iskandar is a master violinist from Syria with a deep musical understanding and knowledge of Middle Eastern music, theory, and culture. Trained as a young boy in classical violin, he then learned Middle Eastern music from elders in his community through improvisation and the practice of mastering by ear “maqam” or musical scales. His … Read more

Mustafa Kilcak

Mustafa Kilcak is a teacher in Tucson who has played and sung for groups such as World Winds and 5 Horses 4 Winds. A Turkish musician, he makes and sings Turkish rock, protest, folk, and pop music.