Gertie Lopez

Listen to Gertie share memories of growing up in Chuchi village on the Tohono O’odham Reservation, learning to play music, and eventual leading her band, Gertie N the T.O. Boyz. Gertie will share a short PBS film about her childhood as well.

Terrol Dew Johnson and the Alexander Pancho Memorial Farm

Terrol Dew Johnson is a community leader, nationally recognized advocate for Native communities and renowned artist. A gifted weaver from a young age, Johnson has achieved national acclaim for pioneering abstract constructions that transcend familiar forms and materials in a way that invites reflection on a long-established practice. His work has won numerous awards and … Read more

Rosemarie Ramon – Horsehair Baskets

Miniature Horse Hair and Yucca, Bear Grass Basket with Shell necklaces, Horse Hair w/ Beads and Horse Hair Earring. Miniature Yucca & Bear Grass Baskets. Beads & Shell Necklaces and Earring My name is Rosemarie Ramon, I am from Covered Wells Village, of the Gu Achi District on the Tohono O’odham Nation. I started weaving … Read more

Tohono O’odham Pavilion

TMY partners with the Tohono O’odham Cultural Center, who curates a roster of artists to share and demonstrate traditional and contemporary arts at the festival. Come and see traditional baskets made with bear grass, yucca, and devil’s claw; horsehair baskets; pottery; jewelry; and more. This year’s artists include: Caroline Felicity Antone – painted gourds, comic … Read more

South Image Waila Band

Ben Jose organized South Image in 2006 as a family group. Currently we are of three family members and two additional members. We enjoy sharing our gift of music in good spirit, in hopes that all who hear it will receive joy and celebrate life. We play Waila music, which consists of five different dance … Read more

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