Nadria Mitchell & Agnes Attakai – Navajo Hide Tanning

A discussion and demonstration of various sheep hide tanning methods will be provided by Miss Native American University of Arizona (MNUA) and her mom, Agnes Attakai. Nadira Mitchell is a is an honors undergraduate student studying Natural Resources with an emphasis in Wildlife Conservation and Management at the University of Arizona. She is interested in … Read more

Alex & Shane Beeshligaii – Navajo/Apache Jewelry

Alex Beeshligaii (Naabeehó Dineh/Apache) has worked as a traditional Naabeeho Dineh silversmith for more than 30 years, making jewelry using tufa and sand molds. He learned the artform from family and community members as well as from artists Sam Tabaha (Klagetoh/Naabeehó Dineh), Rick Manuel (Tohono O’odham), Alan Wallace (Washo Maidu), the late Preston Monongye (Hopi) … Read more

Marvin & Pamela Farnam-Todacheenie – Diné Instruments and Beadwork

Marvin Todacheenie grew up on the Navajo Nation, living immersed in traditional Diné (Navajo) culture. He is a flute carver, singer, drummer, dancer, and an artisan in leather, woodwork, and jewelry. His skilled are ones that are passed down from generation to generation in his family. Now he is preserving and sharing his heritage with … Read more

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