Mohyeddin Abdulaziz – Arabic Calligraphy

Calligraphy is decorative rendering of the written word and an important visual art form throughout the Arab world. Writing can range from the simple to the extremely formal and ornate, depending on the purpose to which it is to be put. Inscriptions in an architectural setting can turn into wonderful abstract friezes, beautiful even to … Read more

Xanadu Dance Collective

The Xanadu Dance Company was formed from Kathryn Ferguson’s Xanadu Performance Troupe after her passing in April of 2017. All of the current members studied directly under Kathryn, some for more than 10 years. The sole purpose of the troupe is to represent her legacy and vision. As such, the troupe only performs Kathryn Ferguson’s … Read more

Fadi Iskandar

Fadi Iskandar is a master violinist from Syria with a deep musical understanding and knowledge of Middle Eastern music, theory, and culture. Trained as a young boy in classical violin, he then learned Middle Eastern music from elders in his community through improvisation and the practice of mastering by ear “maqam” or musical scales. His … Read more

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