Traditions Tuesdays: Sabiduría Comunitaria: Women, Textiles & Resistance

Mexican weaving and embroidery are integral traditional art forms in Mexico and the Americas, closely tied to indigenous knowledge and resiliency. Join artists, activists, and scholars for a conversations that braids knowledge and experience to explore textiles as a form of cultural resistance, economic autonomy, and women’s collective empowerment. Facilitator: DR. MICHELLE TELLEZ, University of … Read more

Mariscos Chihuahua

Before there was a Mariscos Chihuahua, there was only a Mariscos. In 1971, a small stand opened in Nogales, Mexico selling mariscos (seafood) next to a well-known fruit stand “Fruteria Chihuahua.” People from all over Nogales would shop at this famous fruit stand and soon started buying their ceviche, cocktails, and other mariscos at the stand … Read more

Los Chiquilines Aguas Frescas

Los Chiquilines offers Aguas Frescas and traditional Mexican drinks prepared with natural fruits. Founder Guadalupe Pulido says, “I was born and raised in Sonora and I remember as a young girl my mom would make these drinks for us. I migrated to the U.S.A 40+ plus years ago. I missed these traditional drinks and started … Read more

Aida Robles-Mertz

Aida Robles-Mertz learned the art of papel picado, creating delicate designs in papel de china (tissue paper) from her mother, Maria Jesus Robles, who learned it as child in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico, where she helped her grandmother make farolitos (lanterns) and banderolas (little flags) for religious ceremonies and family fiestas. Maria brought the tradition to … Read more

El Taco Rustico

Quickly becoming one of Tucson’s favorite Mexican food joints, El Taco Rustico got its start at the Tohono O’odham Swap Meet. But this cuisine honors the flavors and traditions of Coahuila in northeast Mexico, where owner Juan Almanza learned to cook. Juan uses a slow process, grilling over low heat charcoal to let the meat … Read more

Cocina Oaxaqueña

Cocina Oaxaqueña comes from El Espinal, Oaxaca, Mexico. José Toledo is an El Espinal native who learned the love of Oaxacan cuisine from his grandmother and mother, and the region’s Zapotec culture plays an important role both in his daily life and his cooking. Oaxacan recipes are passed on from generation to generation and help … Read more