Conjunto Nopal

Conjunto Nopal is Jesús García, Dena Cowan, and Jacobo Ramires. This half of the band Tradiciones plays mostly Mexican folk music from northern Sonora and the US-Mexico borderlands.

*Josefina P. Lizarraga

Raised in Nayarit, Mexico, amidst rich vegetation and colorful flowers, Josefina Lizarraga learned about local flora and fauna from her mother, grandmothers, and elders. As a child she learned to make paper flowers from an artist in the pueblo of Ruiz and later from a Mexican-Chinese flower maker and dressmaker, who taught her to make … Read more

Diluvio Az

Diluvio Az is a local female-fronted Latin rock/pop band. They are upbeat, fun, and very good at making people get up and dance.

Matilde Santa Cruz – Sonoran Homecooking – F26

Sonoran tortillas are famous for their delicate thinness and giant size! Matilde is one of the world’s best tortilleras. Originally of Imuris, Sonora, she participated in Tucson Meet Yourself for more than 30 years demonstrating home cooking and tortillas Sonorenses.

Mercedes Panteleon – Piñatas

Piñatas are fascinating objects. Created only to be destroyed, they typify the temporary and fragile nature of so much folk art. They are built, often with a tremendous degree of skill and artistry, filled with candies and other goodies, and smashed to bits in the course of a party. But the expert piñata maker who … Read more

Lizeth & Porfirio Mora – Mata Ortiz Pottery

Porfirio Mora represents the pottery tradition of Mata Ortiz, a small village in Chihuahua, Mexico, known for its talented potters. Mata Ortiz pottery is inspired by ancient Paquimé culture, which shares many similarities with southwestern Pueblo cultures. Master potter Porfirio learned how to prepare the clay and the pigments, along with other basic techniques, from … Read more

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