Carlos Valenzuela – Mexican American Tile Mosaics

Carlos Valenzuela works in mixed media of glass, ceramic tile and clay who taught tile-making for many years through the Pima County youth program, Las Artes. He is the recipient of a 2018 Master-Apprentice Artist Award from the Southwest Folklife Alliance.

Grace Beltran – Sewing Creations & Woodwork

Grace Beltran is a teacher and artist who lives in the City of South Tucson with her husband, Ed. She creates a wide array of unique art pieces—including masks, totes, aprons, skirts, dresses, and quilts—for her locally owned and operated sewing business, Colores del Corazón.

Concurso de Corridos/Corrido Competition

Back by popular demand, this contest celebrates the art of corridos, a musical genre and oral tradition from Mexico and highly popular along the US-Mexico border. Rooted in the word “correr,” to run, corridos are running accounts of contemporary and historical events put to verse. Popular for over 150 years in Mexico and along both … Read more

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