Las Azaleas

Tucson’s own all-Latina musical group. Formed by Diana Olivares in the summer of 2020, Las Azaleas embark on a mission to share the works of pioneering women in Latin music through their performances. Their sound is influenced by mariachi, trio, and bolero music, and the repertoire performed is selected to help further acknowledgement of incredible … Read more

Santa Pachita

Santa Pachita has been playing together since 2012. Guitarist Miguel Reyes started the band after working on other musical projects. He brought in talented musicians from a variety of different musical backgrounds. The result is a danceable fusion of ska, cumbia, and rumba-salsa. The congas, flute, and trumpet add depth to the energetic music that … Read more

Ritmos Latinos

Ritmos Latinos was established in the 1990s as a University of Arizona salsa dance club. Not many know that the dance we know today as Salsa originated in Cuba as a style called Casino. We revitalize this Cuban tradition by teaching Casino to students and community members across Tucson. To stay culturally grounded our teachers, … Read more

Traditions Tuesdays: Sabiduría Comunitaria: Women, Textiles & Resistance

Mexican weaving and embroidery are integral traditional art forms in Mexico and the Americas, closely tied to indigenous knowledge and resiliency. Join artists, activists, and scholars for a conversations that braids knowledge and experience to explore textiles as a form of cultural resistance, economic autonomy, and women’s collective empowerment. Facilitator: DR. MICHELLE TELLEZ, University of … Read more


Tradiciones was founded in 2009 in Tucson with the purpose of sharing Peruvian and Latin American music in Arizona and beyond. The group has been participating in TMY for over ten years, each one bringing a unique experience full of joy and gratitude. Tradiciones also performs in local restaurants, bars, and festivals. Band members include: … Read more

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