Traditions Tuesdays: Sabiduría Comunitaria: Women, Textiles & Resistance

Mexican weaving and embroidery are integral traditional art forms in Mexico and the Americas, closely tied to indigenous knowledge and resiliency. Join artists, activists, and scholars for a conversations that braids knowledge and experience to explore textiles as a form of cultural resistance, economic autonomy, and women’s collective empowerment. Facilitator: DR. MICHELLE TELLEZ, University of … Read more

Tucson Casineros

Tucson Casineros, lead by Art Garcia and Virna Fratt, is a non-profit dance group that during non-covid times holds Cuban style dance classes and social dance events on a weekly basis. Angie Bohorquez from Monzón Dance Company created a collaboration with TucSon Casineros, Zona Pachanga, Tucson Kiz, and Salsón Dance Company, leading the community in a series … Read more

Maxi Larrea & Duo Yvapurû

The musical duo, Duo Yvapurû is Maxi Larrea and Jennie Gubner. Maxi Larrea is a guitarist, arranger, composer, and music educator from Rosario, Argentina, now living in Tucson. He composes, performs, and teaches tango and other guitar forms. His first solo album of tango and folklore original compositions _Donde Termina el Río/Where the River Ends … Read more


Tradiciones was founded in 2009 in Tucson with the purpose of sharing Peruvian and Latin American music in Arizona and beyond. The group has been participating in TMY for ten consecutive years, each one bringing a unique experience full of joy and gratefulness. Tradiciones also performs in local restaurants, bars, and festivals.