UA Kyudo and AZ Kyudo Kai

We practice the traditional art of Japanese archery under the direction of Bill Savary and are affiliated with Ogasawara-ryu, NCKF, and ZNKR. We demonstrate several traditional aspects of Kyudo, including Ogasawara ritual shooting, Hitotsu Mato Sharei, Kyubajutsu (horseback archery) as well as fundamentals and near target shooting with both kneeling and standing forms.

Chieko “Chi” Nakano – Origami

Chieko “Chi” Nakano is a lecturer in East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona. She teaches the art of origami every year at Tucson Meet Yourself. Origami, or the Japanese art of paper folding, is said to have a history of more than a thousand years. Making origami is something all Japanese girls—and most … Read more

Traditions Thursdays: The Living Traditions of Taiko & Capoeira

Karen Falkenstrom of Odaiko Sonora and Anne Pollack of Capoeira Mandinga share roles, responsibilities, and ethics of teaching and transmitting traditional practices. Deeply engaged in the practice and teaching of their respective forms, both artists will speak about their personal journeys acquiring and transmitting cultural knowledge. Facilitator: KATE ALEXANDER, TMY Performance Curator KAREN FALKENSTROM, Founder/Director, … Read more

Traditions Thursdays: Dances of Gesture in Japanese and Indian Traditions

Join Naina Bhamidipati and Mari Kaneta for a conversation about gesture as a vehicle for storytelling in dance and the work of upholding a dance tradition outside its cultural homeland. Bhamidipati demonstrates bharathanatyam, a traditional dance from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, accompanied by her brother, Nitish, on the mridangam drum. Kaneta, founder … Read more

Takoyaki Balls – 35

A festival favorite of Japanese dishes including Takoyaki balls, which are actually Octopus dumplings. The Takoyaki Balls booth first started in February 2015 to share authentic tastes of Japan — and create more smiles. In 2019, we opened as food truck. Thanks to community members who have supported our small business, we survived the economic … Read more

Mari Kaneta & Suzuyuki-Kai

Suzuyuki-Kai was established in Tucson in 1984 and has been performing at Tucson Meet Yourself for 35+ years. Founder Mari Kaneta received her degree and professional training in Tokyo and received the dancing name “Suzuyuki” in 1973. Kaneta has performed at multicultural events in Phoenix and Tucson for the past 25 years and internationally in … Read more

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