El Caiman (Caribbean Heritage Foods)

The flavors of Caribbean home kitchens are seductive and unforgettable –garlic, cilantro, onions, bell peppers, olive oil, and cumin mix in any number of ways with proteins, rice, breads, and sweets. Buen Provecho! We will offer beloved family recipes of classic Caribbean dishes, both traditional and re-imagined for health-conscious eaters.

TucSon Casineros

TucSon Casineros was founded in 2012, currently offering classes every Tuesday, occasional social events, and performances. Our main focus is to build community through dance, inclusive and welcoming to dancers of all levels, backgrounds, and all ages. Join us every week to learn how to dance, or to improve your dancing while having fun and … Read more

Ritmos Latinos

Ritmos Latinos was established in the 1990s as a University of Arizona salsa dance club. Not many know that the dance we know today as Salsa originated in Cuba as a style called Casino. We revitalize this Cuban tradition by teaching Casino to students and community members across Tucson. To stay culturally grounded our teachers, … Read more

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