Chinese Student Association – 15

CSA is new to the University of Arizona, in our first year we held a Hong Kong Style Diner, CSA Cafe. With our success we want to bring more people in Tucson and visitors a taste of diner style Chinese goods.

Tina Liu – Chinese Calligraphy

Tina Liu of the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center is a Chinese calligrapher. Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form that involves bold forms, stark contrast between ink and paper, and infinite skill on the part of the artist, who is literally building upon millennia of tradition. Chinese calligraphy is done with a brush, using a … Read more

Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

Lion Dance: Tucson Chinese Cultural Center proudly presents the traditional lion dance, along with Chinese YoYo, traditional Chinese Folk dancing and tai- chi. There has been an old tradition in China of dancers wearing masks to resemble animals or mythical beasts since antiquity. In the Lion Dance, performers mimic a lion’s movements in a lion … Read more

Hung Gar Wing Chun Club

Founded in 2001, Tucson Hung Gar Wing Chun Club is an official branch of the International Chiu Chi Ling Hung Gar Kung Fu Association and tThe World Ho Kam Ming Wing Chun General Association. The organization specializes in Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu, Wing Chun and Traditional southern Chinese lion dance. Our goal is to … Read more

Qin’s Studio

Qin’s Voice Studio opened in 2001 by voice coach Qin He, who received her formal voice and Opera singing training from Shanghai Music Conservatory. Over the years, Mrs. He has been researching and studying traditional Opera singing and Chinese folk singing techniques. She currently has about 10 students, ranging 5-60 years in age and offers group … Read more

Tucson Sino Dance

Tucson Sino Dance promotes Chinese culture and heritage via authentic Chinese dancing, while encouraging physical and mental health for participants. They perform specific dances from the 56 minority groups of China, each with their own unique music, costumes, and movements. Over the years, Tucson Sino Dance has become an integral part of celebration activities for … Read more

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