Grupo Riken

Grupo Riken has been performing in the Tucson area since 2009, specializing in folk music from the Caribbean and Latin America, including Cuban bolero, Puerto Rican jibaro music and plena, Latin jazz, salsa, and bossa nova. The group’s unique sound comes from folk instruments such as the Puerto Rican cuatro, Peruvian cajón, and Afro-Caribbean bongos … Read more


ZeeCeeKeely is a Tucson-based reggae band formed by the band’s front man, Zachary C. Keely. The bands Zach’s messages of peace, respect, reflection, and rights, with the sounds of roots reggae, rock, dancehall, and jazz. In his musical career, Zach has played in supporting acts for performers such as Damien Marley, Steel Pulse, Skanks Roots … Read more

Richard Noel & Jam2Grow

Richard Noel is a musician and facilitator using percussion as a method of healing, enjoyment, and community building. A longtime performer, former board member, and steady stage manager for Tucson Meet Yourself, Richard has brought life to this festival for many years. Richard was born and raised in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. … Read more