The New Devotion Motown Revue

The New Devotion Motown review started as Tru Devotion but after founding member Bernie Starks died, the group was on the verge of coming to a stand still. Then last standing member Rod Rush hired 2 singers/dancer and the group became the New Devotion. Keeping Bernie Starks’ dream alive the group continues to perform!

*Off the Hook Seafood – 47

Born and raised in Connecticut, I was familiar with eating and cooking fresh seafood. Visiting family in Virginia and North Carolina taught me ways to add some Southern flare. In 2000 we started OTH Seafood here in Tucson. It brings pleasure watching people enjoy our food. Check out reviews on Yelp, Facebook & Instagram!

H.B.C.U. College Tour Group – 13

Our group sponsor Sterling has participated in the festival since 1998 with the COGIC Women Department booth. Last year was our first debut with a booth and flavor of our own. We are alumni from Historically Black Colleges and Universities living in Tucson. For over last 25 years BBQs have been a special part of our family … Read more

Culture Kitchen Fridays: African Heritage Foodways in Southern Arizona

Dr. Michael Engs, of Arizona Heritage Tours, brings to the kitchen the lesser-known contributions of African-descent people who first reached the Southwest in 1538 through events related to Spanish exploration, conquest, and settlement. Some came involuntarily as enslaved people, others as free adventurers and entrepreneurs. A second wave came by way of the western expansion … Read more

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