Kingdom of Kongo Women’s Association

African food from the region of Congo. Our community first participated in the 1989 and into the early 1990s. It was a fun and memorable time for our community as we worked together and learned about the other cultures with in the city.

Tucson Refugee Beat

Tucson Refugee Beat is a group of refugee youth in Tucson from different refugee camps in Africa. It was formed in 2018 by Emmanuel Uwayezu who started buying different instruments from Goodwill and pawn shops and training young refugees how to play them. Our goal to create awareness and prevent substance abuse in Tucson youth … Read more

Elijah and his Kora

Elijah performs the kora as a way to bring people together in community and spiritually by sharing stories and connecting them to the music. With this instrument, Elijah entertains audiences with a beautiful sound and also shares his heritage and history with the growing Black community here in the Southwest. Elijah’s passion, selflessness, and ability … Read more

Jaliya World Contemporary Music

What happens when two different ethnic backgrounds from Africa meet in the Sonoran Desert? The rhythm of unity is born! Jaliya is Elijah Ndoye and Yacouba Traore. Elijah comes from the fishing community of Lebou, an ethnic group in Senegal, West Africa. He grew up in a culture where the emphasis was on piety and … Read more

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