Covid Statement

(Updated August 17, 2022)

TMY is an outdoor event. Masks are encouraged in crowded spaces, but not required. Please stay home if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (or other communicable diseases/illnesses).

Sanitizer will be available all throughout the event. Wash your hands often with soap and water. We have hired staff dedicated solely to sanitizing bathrooms continuously all day long, thus maintaining the highest level of safety mitigation in the most vulnerable areas.

TMY will work closely with County Health officials to monitor conditions of Covid spread in Pima County. TMY will comply with any public health official requests for mitigations as needed, including cancellation if necessary. For accurate information on rates of vaccination in Pima County see CDC Tracker here.

Note: In 2021, we learned from Pima County Health Department Epidemiology that TMY 2021 had ZERO detectable impact on Covid rates in the community. County health experts indicated that an outdoor event like TMY (even with crowds and 50% or less masked) is of low concern for transmission. As COVID-19 seems here to stay (at least for now), we will remain consistent with Pima County Health Department and CDC guidelines and continue suggested safety measures.

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