Jacobo: Musical Parents

I’m of Mexican descent, but I play music from all over Latin America. I started with the guitar, but from there, I started playing charango, the South American 10-string Andean instrument. I also play the flute, the quena (a traditional Andean flute), and the panpipes. I was introduced to that music with those instruments when … Read more

Kate: Ethnomusicology

When I was very small, like three, the San Diego Symphony had a Sunday afternoon family concert series. And at the end of them they’d always have instrument petting zoos. The musicians would bring out their relatively decrepit, not-very-important instruments, and kids could try them out. Everyone always want to try the trumpet and I … Read more

Kate: Helping Neighbors

I’ve very proud to come from Oklahoma. I think lots of people are shocked to hear that. I’m very proud of where I grew up and how I grew up. People think people from Oklahoma are kind of backwards and hokey, but there are a lot of values I got from where I grew up—the … Read more