Carmen, Veronica, Morgan, Erin: Irish Mexican

Clockwise from top: Carmen, Veronica, Erin, Morgan. Faces of the Festival 2017. Steven Meckler photo.

My great great great grandma was from Ireland and my great great great grandpa was from Spain. Both of my great great grandparents were born and raised in Mexico, and my great grandma was born and raised in Tucson. I feel more Mexican than anything else.
-Erin, 11

I’m proud of my heritage. We have a Hispanic side and an Irish side. The girls did Irish step dancing for a long time. I did Mexican folkloric dance when I was small. So that’s a good combination of both. I was trying to pass down both traditions.
-Veronica, 43

I was born and raised in Tucson. I’m most proud of lasting to be age 84 and still going strong and being able to be around all the grandkids and great grandkids. They keep me alive.
-Carmen, 84

(Also pictured: Morgan, 14.)

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