Björgvin: Iceland Silence

Björgvin. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I am an immigrant in America from Iceland. There’s this tiny little cabin that my family owns right below one of the active volcanoes in Iceland. There’s no GPS to tell you how to get there, so you have to know which side roads and gravel pathways through the lava fields you have to go down in order to get there. It’s in the south of Iceland, close to the highlands, and the silence is deafening. There’s no civilization for kilometers and you hear the silence in such an interesting way. Especially in summer when the sun is still up. It’s perpetual sunset and you are just engulfed by the peace and tranquility of nature. That’s probably my favorite place in Iceland. I’m very very proud of having come to the US as an adult and learned to adapt and create a career and a life here. My greatest joy is performing, whether bombing on stage as a stand-up comedian or playing guitar with the Carnivaleros or just making other people happy by channeling some form of art.


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