Arnie: Fire Walker

I came to Tucson 22 years ago from Hawaii. I was living in a rain forest near the lava crack I was gonna be buried in and out of a plane window Oak Creek Canyon called me. I left my children, my ex wife, everything I knew, and came here. I’ve been here 22 years. … Read more

Sierra: Marching Artist

I’ve always been a creative type. I really like the marching arts and marching band and drum corps. I play the mellophone—it’s like the marching French horn, kinda looks like a big trumpet. I fell in love with it in high school. I got to be the drum major on the podium my last year. … Read more

Reuben: The Minerals

My mom is from Hermosillo. My father is from Douglas. They met in Douglas. There’s a cemetery in a little village outside of Douglas called Pirtleville, where my grandparents are buried and my great grandparents are buried and my aunts and uncles and babies that didn’t make it. So I feel when I come home … Read more

Jeanine: Second Home

I am originally from Democratic Republic of Congo. I arrived in Tucson as a refugee in 2000 with my family. I still have a large family in Congo. I did not speak any word in English, so I had to go to school, had to work to support my family and myself. Now I help … Read more

Dulce: Inside Books

I’m from Mexico. I’ve been in Tucson 10 years. Right now I’m a server at a restaurant and I go to school. I should be graduating in May. Once I’m done I want go into book publishing. I want to do more of the reading than the writing. I get writer’s block. Right now I’m … Read more

Kit: Finding Joy

I feel like I belong wherever there’s festival, where everybody is giving themselves a chance to be happy. I go there to dance and instigate riots of joy. My dance is freestyle, whatever the music makes me feel. At Tucson Meet Yourself, I go from one stage to another all day long for three days. … Read more

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