Sierra: Marching Artist

I’ve always been a creative type. I really like the marching arts and marching band and drum corps. I play the mellophone—it’s like the marching French horn, kinda looks like a big trumpet. I fell in love with it in high school. I got to be the drum major on the podium my last year. … Read more

Reuben: The Minerals

My mom is from Hermosillo. My father is from Douglas. They met in Douglas. There’s a cemetery in a little village outside of Douglas called Pirtleville, where my grandparents are buried and my great grandparents are buried and my aunts and uncles and babies that didn’t make it. So I feel when I come home … Read more

Jeanine: Second Home

I am originally from Democratic Republic of Congo. I arrived in Tucson as a refugee in 2000 with my family. I still have a large family in Congo. I did not speak any word in English, so I had to go to school, had to work to support my family and myself. Now I help … Read more

Dulce: Inside Books

I’m from Mexico. I’ve been in Tucson 10 years. Right now I’m a server at a restaurant and I go to school. I should be graduating in May. Once I’m done I want go into book publishing. I want to do more of the reading than the writing. I get writer’s block. Right now I’m … Read more

Kit: Finding Joy

I feel like I belong wherever there’s festival, where everybody is giving themselves a chance to be happy. I go there to dance and instigate riots of joy. My dance is freestyle, whatever the music makes me feel. At Tucson Meet Yourself, I go from one stage to another all day long for three days. … Read more

Getting to know you

Introducing FACES OF THE FESTIVAL, a project chronicling the diversity of faces, ages and cultures at our annual Tucson Meet Yourself festival.  Who are you? What is your story?  We spent Saturday, Oct. 14 photographing and interviewing festival participants and audiences. Wow!  We loved your faces and your stories. Thank you! We’ll be sharing the … Read more

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