Marva: Urban Storyteller

I’m with Marvalous Productions, LLC, and that’s what I’m most excited about right now. I think in life we find ourselves in what we have to do, sometimes, more times than not. Then there’s the thing we ought to do. And then there’s the thing we have to do. And for me, I have to, … Read more

Krilurk: Retired Pharmacist

I was born in Thailand. My mom and dad migrated from China to Thailand. I grew up learning to be a pharmacist. During the Vietnam War, I applied to come to the United States. It took me about four years to get admitted. I came to New York for a while and went back to … Read more

Frankie: Full Bloom

I’m a short story writer and novelist. My stories are metaphorical, about human emotions. Like a woman who has to accept who she is grows a tail, for example. And a woman who has suffered a terrible terrible trauma lives underwater for 10 months because grief is such an underwater feeling. Things like that. I … Read more

Missy: Making Change

We believe in protecting the children and families of Tucson and Southern Arizona. We volunteered at one of the tents here at Tucson Meet Yourself spreading the word about Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Two years ago I lost a friend in a mass shooting in Louisiana and so I got involved. … Read more

Arnie: Fire Walker

I came to Tucson 22 years ago from Hawaii. I was living in a rain forest near the lava crack I was gonna be buried in and out of a plane window Oak Creek Canyon called me. I left my children, my ex wife, everything I knew, and came here. I’ve been here 22 years. … Read more

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