Gina: A Happy Life

I’m from Puerto Rico. I lived in the Dominican Republic when I was very little. There was a chicken coop under the shade of a big mango tree that I remember climbing when I was three years old and getting stuck on the top. My parents sent me to college to a very small all-women’s … Read more

Loma: Festival Origins

I was born in Santa Barbara, California. I met my husband, Jim, when I was about 20, and he was an archaeologist drifting toward art history. We took our honeymoon through Arizona and visited various Indian tribes and saw a lot of culture. In 1963, we wound up in Tucson. He got a degree, and … Read more

Hilary: Defining Culture

I was born and raised in London to Jamaican parents, both of whom left Jamaica when they were in their late teens. They have lived in England since then. I have the Jamaican culture, I have the British culture. I left England and came to the States in 2005. I have lived in three different … Read more

Justyn: Born to Write

A white man with relish brown hair and a full beard is wearing a blue collared shirt and sunglasses atop his head.

I started writing when I was very young. My grandmother is a writer. I would always see her typing when I was little. When I was about eight years old, she gave me my own typewriter. Whenever I wasn’t in school, I would sit there typing my stories. I told my grandmother recently that’s why … Read more

Mariana: Karate Practice

A young Cuban kid wearing a blue Pikachu shirt with half of their head shaved is smiling at the camera.

When I was in Cuba, one of my cousins did karate, and I went to his classes. When we returned to Tucson, I told my mom one day, “I want to do karate,” and kept saying, “I want to do karate.” When I was four, I started doing karate. One of your goals when you’re … Read more