Andrew: Kachina Carver

Andrew. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I do Kachina doll carvings, old style and contemporary. I learned from elders, most of my uncles, and you know, the grandfathers. They’re the ones that have the knowledge to teach us. That’s passed on from generation to generation. As a young Hopi man I’m carrying on that tradition. Doing art is a deep connection, it’s like the root system of where we’re from, it represents who our people are. I belong to the Hopi tribe as well as the Pueblo tribe. In my heart, wherever I am that’s where I need to be. The greatest joy that art gives me is the power to put a smile on someone’s face, whether they buy the art or not. It really means a lot just to be able to connect with people on a spiritual level in understanding our existence.


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