Amydiana: Helping Veterans

Amydiana. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I’m super friendly and love to get to know people and love to get to know different cultures. My sister’s and my hobby is to travel around the world. Our goal is to travel around the world and visit every country and get to know those cultures. My culture is kind of a hoshposh, both my parents both immigrated from different cultures. And I’m not very active in those cultures here. Germany and Italy. I more consider my culture to be my fellow veterans here in Tucson. I hang out with them a lot and worked with the University of Arizona Veterans Transitions Education Services center helping veterans graduate and achieve a better way of life and transitions into civilian life from military. I’m most proud of my achievements in life. Having been dealt a bad hand in life and then overcoming that and education, being the number one thing in my life, so I made sure to graduate college and attain a good career.


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