Albert: Tucson Proud

Albert. Faces of the Festival 2018. Photo by Steven Meckler

I was born here in Tucson, Arizona. I grew up in a neighborhood called Armory Park just south of downtown. We had a very nice childhood and I went to school at the University of Arizona. I work for the City of Tucson and have worked there for most of my career. I feel privileged to be able to serve in public service the community that I grew up in and the community that I love. I am proud of all the people that I’ve met over the years and all the people that I’ve helped. I’m excited that Tucson is a vibrant place where people can thrive. I want that for everyone in my community, but especially for my children and my children’s children. I feel most connected to this community and my culture in a family setting and also when I’m out in the public. When you’re in a gathering of people and you run into an acquaintance that’s where I feel most connected–when I’m meeting new people and when I can run into people that I know.

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