2022 TMY Logistics Coordinator Position

The Southwest Folklife Alliance is seeking a Logistics Coordinator for the 2022 Tucson Meet Yourself festival (TMY)

Each year we organize, track, and deploy thousands of material goods to create a welcoming and safe festival area in downtown Tucson. We are seeking a wildly organized team player to fully own the logistics, tracking, and timely deployment of those material goods.

This is a temporary, Independent Contractor position for roughly 10 weeks, mid-August through mid-October 2022. Flex schedule with increased hours September 25 – October 15.

This position reports to the TMY Operations Director, Cari Roberts, and works closely with a team that includes other senior management & operations staff for the festival and its parent producing organization (SFA).

Duties include responsibility for all phases of TMY logistics program:

  • Organize, inventory, & maintain the TMY warehouse – complete responsibility for condition & organization of all TMY material goods:  festival supplies, banners, drinks, coolers, t-shirts, radios, tools, cones, etc. 
  • Inventory (in painful detail) the contents of the warehouse and any purchases made to supplement 
  • Develop and maintain tracking system for all owned & purchased material goods – always know where everything is and how to get your hands on it
  • Coordinate any necessary repairs or replacements
  • Manage the transportation of goods from the warehouse to the festival downtown, deployment across the festival site, retrieval post-event, and back to the warehouse
  • Set up and manage on-site bone yard with check-out/check-in procedures for all supplies – provide the TMY teams with what they need, when they need it, as efficiently as possible.
  • Oversee securing, transporting, cooling, and sales for SFA beverage sales at the festival (a key income stream)
  • Ensure green rooms are fully stocked, to performers specs, during the festival (mirrors, cold water, fans, etc.)
  • Post-festival – inventory and organize all returned material goods to prepare for success in 2023
  • Be available to attend planning and coordination meetings with TMY staff and managers as requested
  • Be present and available for all three (3) days and hours of the festival (October 7-9) and for the six (6) days prior for set up (October 1-6) and three (3) days following for strike (Oct 10-12)

The ideal candidate will: have a passion for community-based service and empowerment; be a natural and enthusiastic leader; have excellent computer and organizational skills; be comfortable taking the initiative to get results; be skilled at communicating in writing and in person; be able to safely lift & transport 50lbs, have the space in their life/work to take on this contract with excellent time management skills; be open to receive guidance and feedback; uplift values that center ethnic and BIPOC communities with respect and inclusion.

Compensation: ~$3,500 + potential $500 bonus + $500 approved reimbursable expenses (gas, parking, meetings). Approximately 10 weeks (August 8 through mid-October), 7-10 hours a week average (some weeks less, some weeks more, with increased hours in September 25 – October 15) @ $35/hour.

This is not an employee position. The person hired is solely responsible for meeting all their obligations in tax liability as an Independent Contractor.

To be considered: please send a brief note of intent and a resume to: Cari Roberts at cari.wheat.roberts@gmail.com

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