Thank you, friends and fans, for taking a leap with us for this year’s festival.
We so appreciate you tuning in virtually and attending our outdoor events
in support of culture and heritage in Tucson and beyond.

Hover over each box below for a snapshot of what we made happen together in October 2020:

Oct. 2020

97,000 website page views

27,000 unique website visitors

11,000 video content views

1900 hours of TMY programming viewed online

Tucson Meet Yourself Folklife Festival “Reframed”

Food. Music. Dance. Folk Arts. Safely distanced or Online.


visitors over three weekends


cars cruised


artists paid to present/perform via TMY Virtual and recorded performances


cars for two shows

open till Jan. 1

1,484 shoppers

9 artists featured

47 items sold

Traditional Artist & Culture Bearer Relief Fund

COVID-19 has revealed deep vulnerabilities within many of those we serve. To provide direct support to these artists and culture/heritage practitioners, we’ve launched the Traditional Artists & Culture Bearer Emergency Relief Fund with seed money from the Arizona Commission on the Arts (10K) and individual donors, including over $5000 from community members on Arizona Gives Day and are continuing the campaign to help artists in need.
Apply or donate to the fund here.

Stay tuned for more information about participating as a performer, vendor or artist in 2021