October 7-9, 2022
Downtown Tucson

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Fill up your reusable bottle for FREE
at our water stations placed throughout the festival.

Together we are greening the festival,
caring for cultures and the land.

Yeah, we know it’s why you’re coming. Over 40 food booths representing over 25 cultures and ethnicities!

Many of your favorite vendors, along with new offerings this year including Persian food, Taiwanese-style fried chicken, BBQ & Beats, and traditional Afghani food.


Hundreds of artists make up the heart of the festival’s color and beauty. Watch live performances on three stages. And in the Folk Arts area, learn from 50 artists demonstrating traditional artforms, including Indigenous artists in the Tohono O’odham and Yaqui/Yoeme Pavilions.

folk artists

Bringing back “Big Jim” Griffith’s vision of the stage as a site for meaningful connections among artists, traditions, and audiences. Enjoy spectacles, cross-cultural exchanges, demonstrations, and conversations on 3 stages and 2 interactive tents!


HIghlights for 2022

New this year! Celebrating dance, movement arts, and wellness with interactive demos, workshops, and performances. Sponsored by TMC Health.

Movement & Wellness tent

Celebrating how music and music-making traditions keep us connected across time and generations with iInformal performances, conversations, and sing-alongs, and more!

Memory tent: Songs of
love & Aging

Greening the Festival
We’re finally doing away with single-use plastic bottles, so bring your own water bottle or buy one of ours and fill it FREE at the festival. We’re also composting food waste again this year. TMY cares about culture & the land where it happens! Tucson Water is the Official Water Sponsor.


TMY co-founder “Big Jim” Griffith died in December at age 86. Add something to the altar, share a memory of him, or choose one of his many books (by donation) to continue your education about the rich region he so loved.

Shrine to “Big Jim” Griffith

The Dukes Car Club of Tucson presents a collection of lowrider cars plus demonstrations on how to trick out your own car. Sponsored by D2 Dispensary.

Lowrider Car Craftsmanship

Come listen to original corridos written and sung by locals and let your applause help choose the winners! Three cash prizes! One entry per participant.


AIDS Walk 2022
For the ninth year, TMY partners with the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) to hold the AIDSWALK on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 9. The organizations share festival infrastructure, including stages, equipment, and porta-potties to create savings for both organizations. Throughout the festival, SAAF shares information about its organization, offering services for people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS and providing information and skill-building programs to help others prevent further infection. On Sunday morning, as the walk ends, SAAF shares the ritual unfolding of quilt panels from the NAMES PROJECT (the largest folklore project in the world), made to honor local people lost to the virus.

To ensure a better experience …

A map of Tucson Meet Yourself 2022. The Center of the map is a red dot where the Info Tent is and where you can find wheelchair rentals.   The Northwest Quadrant includes the area from the Info Tent to the intersection of Alameda and Church Ave. The Pima County Courthouse and Pima County Meet Yourself is west of Church Ave, south of Alameda. An accessible drop off location at Alemeda and Church Ave. South of this drop off is the Church Stage located on Church Ave. A free water refill station is located east of the Church Stage with the AIDS Memorial Quilt here in the grass. Just north of this grass area are bathrooms. Folk Artists are on the westside of Church Ave and Food Vendors 31-35 on the eastern part. Just east of Church Ave. is Jácome Plaza and food vendors 1-9.   The Southwest Quadrant includes the area from the Info Tent to the intersection of Pennington and Church Ave. A water refill station is located at Church Ave. and Pennington St. Bathrooms are located just west of this. The Dukes Car Show is on Church Ave. just south of Pennington. Just east of this intersection is the Tohono O’odham and Pascua Yaqui Folk Arts Pavillion. The Memory Tent: Songs of Love and Aging is located on the lawn, northeast of the intersection.  The Northeast Quadrant includes the area from the Info Tent to the intersection of Stone Ave and Alameda where there is an accessible drop-off. The Alameda Stage is located just south of Alameda on Stone Ave. Bathrooms are just west of this stage on Jácome Plaza, southeast of Main Library. Food Vendors 36-42 are on Stone Ave.  The Southeast Quadrant includes the area from the Info Tent to the intersection of Pennington and Stone Ave. Southeast of the Info Tent is the big, red sculpture where a water refill station is located. Community Matters tents are just north of this. South and southwest of sculpture are Food Vendors 10-30; many vendors are located on the gravel path. Just west of the gravel path atop the grass is the Movement and Wellness Tent. South of this tent on Pennington St. are more Folk Artists. At the intersection of Stone and Pennington is the Big Jim Memorial Altar and water refill station. At the southwest part of the intersection are the Logistics and Volunteer Tents. Just south of Pennington on Stone Ave. is the Congress Stage, Community Matters Tents, food vendors and an accessible drop off at Stone Ave. and Congress Street. East of Stone Ave on Pennington Street are additional Community Matters Tents. Bathrooms and an accessible drop off location are on Pennington and Scott Ave.
Alt Text TMY 2022 Map

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