Thank you for 2023. . .

Save the date for next year!
Oct 4-6, 2024

. . . Join us Nov. 18th!

A celebration of lowrider culture in Tucson – All ages welcome

Watch our story!

Hear about our values and contributions to Tucson over the past 50 years.

Then, listen to audio “tastes” from the Festival on

TMY supports artists all year round. SFA’s Master-Apprentice Artist Award provides direct support to traditional artists in Arizona, many of them TMY artists. This year, TMY presents fellowships in two cultural communities to support artists carrying out year-round performances and programming throughout downtown Tucson. Flamenco artist Angelina Ramirez will bring flamenco to Tucson’s Century Room, and Kevin and Tanisha Hamilton will produce several “Tucson Meet Your Soul” events throughout 2023-24. Look for these artists at this year’s TMY.
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